Phil & Sarah Holt are Seraphim Serifs as well as Mon Petit Paper Co. It is the beauty of marriage.
We are for hire however, we do not accept all jobs offered. Please do not take offense if your job is turned down.
We are very specific about who we work with and what we make. We are 100% Indie driven. Its not that we hate corporate money but who wants to work for some boring corporation? 
Life is short and we are here solely to assist artists and businesses we believe in.
Typically this means; I, (Phil) am working on fine art projects, for myself and with a few artists, that I have already been working with over the last few decades. Its some what exclusive but that doesn't mean it is an unapproachable task. Hit me up if you have some passion.
For fancy custom stationary, business cards, letterheads, greeting cards and general beauty from someone that is more than merely beautiful, visit Sarah Holt at her stationary site,
...And thanks for even visiting our page.