Seraphim Serifs is a vintage printing studio run by the happily married duo, Phil & Sarah Holt. We are located in the historic district of Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida.

Our fine art press studio caters specifically to Artists using three antique printing presses. These very special and uniquely different presses are used to create specific effects on specific types of paper. 

1. Chandler and Price 10x15 from 1905

2. Vandercook #4 from 1956

3. Showcard 7x11 press from the 1960's

We are on a mission to be a completely self sufficient printing studio. We recently started developing our on photopolymer plates and are working on perfecting our Agfa imagesetter so we can make our negatives in house as well. We also die cut our paper and offer painted edges depending on the project at hand.

We print wedding invitations, custom stationary, business cards & coasters along with other custom made products for those individuals and businesses that require the feel of hand crafted beauty...however our main focus is Fine art.

Fine art production is done mainly on a private basis and is typically open only for invitation directly. However, if you feel you have a fine art piece that you would like to have printed, we are always interested in your ideas and welcome proposals, just be aware that typically we do not have time to work outside of the projects that are already in production.

this may change in the future as projects get completed, if you have interest in fine art, please sign up to the newsletter below.